School of Graduate Studies

Graduate Officers Committee

The Committee of Graduate Officers is the body which coordinates the procedural aspects of graduate studies on the campus. It implements policies established by the Graduate Council and serves as the day-to-day link between the School of Graduate Studies office and the academic units. The committee is composed of the Graduate Officers of the academic units. The Dean of the School of Graduate Studies chairs the Committee and forwards recommendations to the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.

The Committee of Graduate Officers holds regular meetings and determines its own procedures.

Graduate Officers Committee Responsibilites:

Coordinates procedures and administrative matters among the various academic units offering graduate studies.

• Reviews graduate course additions, changes, and deletions to check for duplications and impact on other programs.

• Approves academic unit standards regarding admission and retention of graduate students.

• Makes recommendations in such other administrative and procedural matters as are referred to it, including such matters as are assigned to the individual Graduate Officers by the respective academic dean or program director.


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2013-14 UMKC Graduate Officers Committee


Committee Meeting Dates

Meeting Dates & Places to be announced

UMKC Graduate Officers Committee Members

College of Arts and Sciences: Diane Filion

Conservatory of Music: Diane Petrella

Libraries: Steve Alleman

School of Biological Sciences: Karen Bame

School of Management: David Cornell

School of Dentistry: Mary Walker

School of Education: LaVerne Berkel

School of Computing and Engineering: Ken Mitchell

School of Law: Jeff Thomas

School of Nursing & Health Sciences: Joy Roberts

School of Pharmacy: Jianping Wang

School of Medicine: Julie Banderas

Chair: Denis Medeiros, Dean, School of Graduate Studies

Administrative Liaison: Nancy Hoover, Sr. Information Specialist, School of Graduate Studies

UMKC Graduate Officers Subcommittee Members

Natural/Physical Sciences: Karen Bame, Julie Banderas, Mary Walker, Ken Mitchell, Joy Roberts, Jianping Wang

Humanities/Social Sciences: Steve Alleman, Diane Petrella, LaVerne Berkel, Diane Filion, David Cornell, Jeff Thomas