It’s Graduate Professional Appreciation Week with the Council of Graduate Schools, so we are highlighting some graduate contributions!

Feichen Shen received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from UMKC in 2016, supervised by Dr. Yugyung Lee. His dissertation topic was “A Graph Analytics Framework for Knowledge Discovery.” Feichen then joined Department of Health Sciences Research at Mayo Clinic as a Research Associate, which is equivalent to Assistant Professor for academic ranking at Mayo Clinic. Feichen’s research interests include natural language processing, semantic web and knowledge discovery. He has 20 peer-reviewed publications so far. Currently, he is working on his National Institution of Health (NIH) grant proposal and targeting on a higher career goal. He sincerely appreciates Dr. Lee for her supervision on research and help on every aspect of his life. He also wants to thank all his Ph.D. committee members for their guidance. Feichen is proud of being a UMKC alumnus.