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The Curriculum

12 credit hour graduate certificate

Curriculum requirements:

The “Preparing Future Faculty” Graduate Certificate in College Teaching and Career Preparation requires a minimum of 12 credit hours. A six-course series of Preparing Future Faculty (PFF) seminar courses is the core of this 12-credit hour graduate certificate curriculum.  The 6 one-credit hour seminar courses are graded on a credit/no credit basis and are offered over four semesters, with a new cohort beginning each Fall semester. Students in the PFF Seminar courses not only refine their teaching skills, but also explore the opportunities at, and differences among, a variety of institutions of higher education —  public, private, 2-year and 4-year.  For the remaining six credits of the certificate program, students complete a 3-credit hour theoretical teaching practicum course, EDUC-C&I 5640, plus one of the following 3 credit hour courses as approved by the graduate certificate program Director: EDUC-R&P 5639 OR  EDUC-UL 5556.

All courses are taught completely on-line, with 3 on-campus PFF lecture sessions in both the Fall and in the Spring semesters that can be attended face-to-face or via distance education technology.

Course NumberCourse TitleCredit HoursSemester/Year
SGS 5651A Preparing Future Faculty I1FS2020
SGS 5651BPreparing Future Faculty II1SP2021
SGS 5652APreparing Future Faculty III1SP2021
SGS 5652BPreparing Future Faculty IV1FS2021
SGS 5653APreparing Future Faculty V1FS2021
SGS 5653BPreparing Future Faculty VI1SP2022
EDRP 5639 Educational Psychology: Focus on Teaching in Higher Education
*(offered summer semester) -or-
EDUL 5556 The College Student *(offered fall semester)
Teaching Practicum CourseEDCI 5640 Curriculum and Teaching for the College Classroom3SU2021

Requirements for Retention

Students must maintain 3.0 graduate GPA while enrolled and receive no grade below a B- in courses applied to the certificate program.


“The UMKC Preparing Future Faculty online graduate certificate program provided me with a systematic developmental experience to reflect on my teaching practices, identify the improvement opportunities and develop them. Also, it provided me with the necessary capabilities needed to be an effective job candidate in the market.”

Hessam Sarooghi
Program Graduate
Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Butler University

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Requirements for Retention

Students must maintain a cumulative 3.0 graduate GPA while enrolled and receive no grade below a B- in courses applied to the certificate program.

Time Limit for Completion of Certificate Program

The program is designed to be completed in two consecutive years, starting in the Fall semester. Students who need longer to complete the 12 credit hour course requirements have 3 years maximum to complete the Graduate Certificate Program in College Teaching and Career Preparation.