The Graduate Council is the policy-making body for graduate studies at the campus level. The Council is a representative body composed of full-time regular graduate or doctoral faculty members (one each) elected by each school offering graduate programs and one representative from the UMKC library. The College of Arts and Sciences elects three members, one from each of the following divisions: natural and physical sciences, social sciences, and humanities. Members serve three (3) year terms. In addition, the Chancellor appoints five members; one from each of the following areas of research endeavor: Physical, Mathematical, and Computer Sciences; Biological and Chemical Sciences; Social and Behavioral Sciences; Humanities and Arts; and Administrative and Information Sciences. The Dean of the School of Graduate Studies serves as chair of the Council.

The Graduate Council speaks for faculty on issues related to all graduate programs except the Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Program. The Graduate Council consults with the Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Executive Committee about areas in which the Interdisciplinary Ph.D. intersects with other graduate programs.

Graduate Council Responsibilities:

• Confirms academic unit-specific criteria for membership in the UM Doctoral Faculty and UMKC Graduate Faculty.

• Upon the recommendation of the academic units, appoints and reappoints Graduate Professorships and recommends members for the Doctoral Faculty.

• Monitors the quality of graduate programs other than the Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Program using periodic reviews based on reports from existing bodies, councils or committees.

• Recommends new graduate programs and graduate program reduction/termination.

• Reviews such other policy matters as are referred to it, for example, major curriculum changes.


Graduate Council Meeting Dates

Council meeting time will be 1:00 – 2:30 pm. (Generally the third Friday of the month).

September 14, 2018 (Gillham Park Room)

October 19, 2018 (Gillham Park Room)

November 16, 2018 (Gillham Park Room)

No meeting in December, Graduate Council Members are encouraged to attend the midyear commencement.

January 25, 2019 (Gillham Park Room)

February 15, 2019 (Gillham Park Room)

March 15, 2019(Gillham Park Room)  Meeting cancelled

April 19, 2019 (Gillham Park Room)

2018-19 Graduate Council

Graduate Council Minutes

Graduate Council Members

Academic Unit Term Expires Faculty/Divisional Representative Phone
A&S Humanities 2019 Matthew Edwards (Foreign Lang & Lit) 2827
A&S Sciences 2021 James Murowchick (Geosciences) 2979
A&S Social Sciences 2020 Lynda Payne 2539
Conservatory of Music 2020 Andrew Granade 2937
School of Computing and Engineering 2019 Sejun Song 5661
School of Biological Sciences 2021 Samuel Bouyain 2658
School of Management 2020 Anne Williamson 2334
School of Dentistry   Mary Walker 2825
School of Education 2020 Loyce Caruthers*  1044
School of Law   Jeff Thomas 2378
School of Nursing 2021 Carol Schmer 1713
School of Pharmacy 2021 Bi-Botti Youan 2410
School of Medicine 2021 Julie Banderas 1322

*completing Johanna Nilsson’s term

Graduate Council Members At-Large

Academic Unit Term Expires Faculty/Divisional Representative Phone
Physical/Mathematical Science 2019 Travis Fields (Engineering)**  
Biological/Chemical Science 2021 Bonnie Branson (Dentistry) 2297
Social/Behaviorial Science 2019 Jacob Marszalek (Psychology) 2053
Humanities/Arts 2020 Lani Hamilton (Conservatory)*** 2859
Administrative/Info. Science 2020 Jae Jung (Bloch) 5161

**completing John Kevern’s term

***substituting for Alison DeSimone in fall 2018


Graduate Council Ex-Officio Members


Academic Unit Term Expires Faculty/Divisional Representative Phone
Dean, School of Graduate Studies   Dr. Jennifer Lundgren (Chair) 1301
University Libraries   Jennifer Salvo-Eaton 2225
Administrative Liaison   Nancy Hoover 1731

Graduate Council Subcommittees

Humanities Social Science Natural Science
Lani Hamilton
Matthew Edwards
Andrew Granade
Loyce Caruthers

Jacob Marszalek
Lynda Payne
Carol Schmer
Jeff Thomas
Anne Williamson

Julie Banderas

Bonnie Branson
Travis Fields
James Murowchick
Samuel Bouyain
Sejun Song
Mary Walker

Bi-Botti Youan