The Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Executive Committee is the policy making body for Interdisciplinary Ph.D. studies at the campus level. The Committee is a representative body composed of the Coordinators of the disciplines participating in the Interdisciplinary Ph.D. program. 

Committee Meeting Times

Elections for the upcoming year’s committee members have recently been held. As such, we have not yet determined the best meeting times for upcoming meetings. These dates and times, once determined, will be posted.

Minutes from past meetings.


2018-2019 Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Executive Committee


Faculty/Divisional Representative Term Expires Phone Email
Art History, TBD  2021    
Biomedical and Health Informatics, Dr. Jenifer Allsworth 2021 1781 allsworthj@umkc.edu
Cell Biology and Biophysics/
Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, Dr. Karen Bame
2021 2243 bamek@umkc.edu
Chemistry, Dr. Zhonghua Peng 2021 2288 pengz@umkc.edu
Computer Science, Dr. Yugyung Lee 2021 5932 leeyu@umkc.edu
Curriculum and Instruction, Dr. Candace Schlein 2021 5754 schleinc@umkc.edu
Economics, TBD 2021    
Educational Leadership, Policy and Foundations, Dr. Shirley Marie McCarther 2021 2451 mccarthers@umkc.edu
Electrical and Computer Engineering, Dr. Masud Chowdhury 2021 2432 masud@umkc.edu
Engineering, TBD 2021    
English, Dr. Joan Dean 2021 2764 deanj@umkc.edu
Geosciences, TBD 2021    
History, TBD 2021    
Mathematics, Dr. Yong Zeng 2021 5850 zengy@umkc.edu
Music Education, Dr. Joseph Parisi 2021 2919 parisijo@umkc.edu
Oral and Craniofacial Sciences, Dr. Mary Walker 2021 2825 walkermp@umkc.edu
Pharmaceutical Science, Dr. Kun Cheng 2021 2425 chengkun@umkc.edu
Pharmacology, Dr. Hari Bhat 2021 5903 bhath@umkc.edu
Physics, Drs. Mark Brodwin and Paul Rulis 2021 2508/5945 brodwinm@umkc.edu/ rulisp@umkc.edu
Political Science, TBD 2021    
Public Affairs and Administration, Dr. Arif Ahmed 2021 2319 ahmedar@umkc.edu
Telecommunications and Computer Networking, Dr. Sejun Song 2021 5661 songsej@umkc.edu



Committee Responsibilities

Committee Bylaws

• Monitors and reviews goals of the Interdisciplinary Ph.D. program and recommends major changes in goals, policies and procedures to the Doctoral Faculty for final approval.

• Monitors the quality of the Interdisciplinary Ph.D. program and its implementation by means of periodic reviews based on reports from existing bodies, councils, committees, and external reviewers.

• Recommends to the Graduate Council and Research Board, policies and criteria concerning internal funding of research, research-related travel, and all other matters.

• Reviews other policy matters as required.