Forms for the Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Program

(excludes general Graduate Student forms, which are found under “Current Students”)

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Microsoft Word PDF
Annual Evaluation – Form IPhD – 1 – Moved to online format    
Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Plan of Study – Form IPhD – 2 (for students admitted prior to Fall 2020) Word Doc  PDF
Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Plan of Study – Form IPhD – 2 (for students admitted Fall 2020 or after) Word Doc PDF
Application to take Interdisciplinary Doctoral Comprehensive Examinations and Request for Appointment of Examining Committee – Form IPhD – 3 Word Doc PDF
Comprehensive Examination – Report of Results – Form IPhD – 4 Word Doc PDF
Approval of Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Research Proposal – Form IPhD – 5 Word Doc PDF
Preliminary Approval of Dissertation by advisor – Form IPhD – 6   PDF
Report of Results of Final Dissertation Examination for Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Candidates – Form IPhD – 7 Word Doc PDF
Doctoral Dissertation Final Approval Forms – Form IPhD – 8 Word Doc PDF
Change in Ph.D. Plan of Study – Form IPhD – 9 Word Doc PDF
Change in Supervisory Committee – Form IPhD – 10 Word Doc PDF
Change in Status of a Provisional Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Student – Form IPhD – 11 Word Doc PDF
Change of Primary unit and Co-discipline – Form IPhD – 12 Word Doc PDF
Request for Extension of Interdisciplinary Ph.D. program – Form IPhD – 13 Word Doc PDF
Sponsor Form – Form IPhD – 14 Word Doc PDF
IPhD Faculty Handbook Word Doc PDF
Satisfactory Progress Policy Word Doc  
IPhD Student Handbook   PDF