All application materials must be received by the deadline.

Disciplines Term deadlines  Notes
Art History Fall: January 15  
Biomedical and Health Informatics Primary discipline:
April 1Co-discipline:
Fall: May 1 (international), June 1 (domestic)
Spring: November 1 (international), December 1 (domestic)
Summer: March 1 (international), April 1 (domestic)
Primary discipline deadline is for international and domestic applicants and only admits for the Fall semester.
Cell Biology/Biophysics – Molecular Biology/Biochemistry Fall: February 15 preferred for domestic, required for international  Primary discipline only admits in the Fall. Co-discipline may admit for the Spring.
Chemistry Fall/Summer: April 15
Spring: October 15
February 15 for international applicants.
Computer Networking & Communication Systems Summer: February 15
Fall: April 15
Spring: September 1
Computer Science Summer: February 15
Fall: April 15
Spring: September 1
Curriculum & Instruction Fall: February 15  Fall admission only
Economics Fall: February 15
Spring: October 15
Educational Leadership, Policy & Foundations Fall: February 15  Fall admission only
Electrical & Computer Engineering Summer: February 15
Fall: April 15
Spring: September 1
Engineering Fall: February 15
Spring: September 15
English Fall: January 15 Fall admission only
Entrepreneurship and Innovation Fall: March 30  Co-discipline admission only.
Geosciences Fall: March 15
Spring: November 15
History January 15 priority Fall admission only; Faculty Sponsor required. Please contact discipline (816) 235-2549
Humanities Consortium Fall: January 15
Spring: September 15
 Co-discipline admission only.
Mathematics Fall/Summer: April 1
Spring: October 15
Music Education Fall: February 15 Fall admission only. Not offered as a co-discipline.
Oral & Craniofacial Sciences Fall: March 1
Spring: *
* Please contact discipline (816) 235-2179
Pharmaceutical Sciences Fall: February 1
Spring: October 1
Pharmacology Fall: March 1 Fall admission only
Physics Fall: January 31
Spring: *
*Please contact discipline (816) 235-1604
Political Science Please contact discipline.  
Public Affairs & Administration Fall: February 15  
Religious Studies N/A Currently not accepting applications.
Social Science Consortium Fall: April 1
Spring: October 30
Co-discipline admission only.