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Forms for Faculty and Staff

Policy and procedures for International students to become certified and eligible for teaching positionsAll international students except those with U.S. degrees must complete the certification process before being eligible for Graduate Teaching or Graduate Instructor positions. Please see the above policy and procedures for more information.

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Policies and procedures for international students teaching certification

This list excludes forms specific to the interdisciplinary program. To view those, please visit the program's form page.

Forms for Faculty and Staff
Document Title Microsoft Word PDF
Application for Appointment or Reappointment to UMKC Doctoral Faculty Word Doc PDF
Appointment or Reappointment to UMKC Graduate Faculty (There is no university-wide application form. Nominations will originate with the faculty, proceed through departmental channels, and will be submitted to the Graduate Dean through the AU Dean. The Graduate Dean approves these appointments on an annual basis.)
Graduate Certificate Programs Guidelines (also requires the CBHE program change form below) PDF
CBHE Program Change Form Word Doc
Request for Modification of an Existing Graduate-Level Course Course Inventory Management System (CIM)
Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Program – Guidelines for Preparing a Proposal for New Participating Discipline Word Doc PDF
Outstanding Dissertation Nomination Form Word Doc PDF

Dual Degree Program – Proposal for new Dual Degree Program

(Dual Degree Programs guidelines)

Word Doc
Request for student positions to total more than 0.5FTE PDF